Classic Hip Hop

Who: Funky Four + 1 (a.k.a. Funky Four, Funky Four + 1 More)
Song: "That's The Joint"
Year: 1981
More Information: Wikipedia, Funky Four + 1

Who: Sugar Hill Gang
Song: Rapper's Delight
Year: 1980
More Information: Sugar Hill Gang, Wikipedia

Who: Marley Marl/Juice Crew All Stars
Song: The Symphony, (In Control Volume 1)
Year: 1988
More Information: Juice Crew, Wikipedia

Who: Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force
Song: Planet Rock
Year: 1982
More Information: Afrika Bambaataa, Soul Sonic Force - Wikipedia

Who: Gang Starr
Song: Mass Appeal (from Hard to Earn)
Year: 1994
More Info: Gang Starr, Wikipedia

Who: Lords of The Underground
Song: Chief Rocka (Here Come The Lords)
Year: 1993
More Information: Lords of The Underground, Wikipedia